Companies are looking to deploy Enterprise Applications to provide competitive advantage. Enterprise Applications helps in reducing complexity, diminishing cost we will help you in maximizing ROI on your Enterprise Applications investment. This includes defining and measuring ROI indicators, Benefits study, Business process study and reengineering, Preparedness Audit and evaluation and selection of best fit Enterprise Applications for your organization’s need. We also carry out health check assignments on Enterprise Applications implemented by you.

Solution Strategy

Once the best fit Enterprise Application for your need has been identified, we will help draw up the solution strategy for it's implementation. This deciding the scope of work, drawing up detailed project and resource plan, mapping the business processes to Enterprise Application product, identifying gaps if any and providing solution to fill these gaps.

Design and Implementation

We design and implement Enterprise Applications. You benefit from getting a providing speedy and cost effective implementation for your needs. Further, effective knowledge transfer and change management processes are built in to the methodology. This again insures a successful Enterprise Application implementation.

Customization Integration and Development

We have requirements, which are not directly fulfilled by Siebel products. This necessitates integration with other systems (,Integration with Enterprise applications Middle ware ,Operational Support Systems, Domain Specific Systems, Workflow automation etc. We undertake these services based on the requirement.

Support and maintenance

Once the Applications is implemented, we will help you support and maintain them so that you do not have to employ a large team for this purpose or worry about problems cropping up now and then.. We have been extremely successful in providing savings and improvements in performance and are confident of doing the same for you.

Manpower Consulting

To compete in the global market, we have combined technology with expertise in various areas. Our professionals handle large projects and are involved in R&D work FGIS professionals are skilled in many areas.

Hardware supply & support management, system integration, Networking of computers, intranet, internet application management, system administration, data centers management, web portal application management.

Quality Consulting

People, Process and Technology are the three key levers for business success. Managing processes effectively goes a long way in managing human resources and technology. We at FGIS Solution’s Quality Consulting help customers define, deploy and optimize their software processes to achieve and sustain a competitive edge. We serve software houses or in-house systems development departments of large organizations, helping them establish, maintain and improve upon their software development processes.

Our Quality Consulting team derives its excellence from first hand experience with process improvement initiatives and strong quality credentials. Our consultants have rich experience with various organizations that subscribe to the highest standards of process maturity. We always taken into consideration the client's perspective, which includes the client's short-term and long-term objectives. Our consultants also familiarize themselves and are sensitive to the client's business culture.

The Exclusive Approach

We adopt a participatory approach which is interactive and extremely non-prescriptive. This implies that we align ourselves to the customers' business objectives and priorities. Our customers have appreciated our flexible, transparent and result oriented way of operating.

Our Offerings

Our Quality Consulting team offers a suite of services that are designed to offer your organization a complete range of Hardware architecture & software process-oriented solutions.

Our strategic collaboration with our customers ptovides our services a breadth that encompasses a variety of software process solutions ranging from strategic planning to complete integrated solutions

At FGIS Solutions we believe that quality is a culture, expressed in the way we interact with and cater to the needs of our customers, and in the products and processes we deliver to them. So while we have met several external quality parameters, we are even more stringent about setting and meeting our own exacting standards.

At FGIS Solutions, Quality is a continuous process that is reflected in the Company's emphasis on making every Associate in the company part of the Quality processes and methodologies.